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Our Love Story

Many years ago, Jennifer and Michael met and fell in love while attending the same university.  Over time, they enjoyed many romantic dinners, trips around the world and of course each other's company.  Jennifer developed a career as a research scientist in pharmacology discovering new medicines for tough diseases.  This included evaluating natural products (plant extracts for example) as potential therapies.  Michael took the tech route as a software engineering leader and became a mentor to others.


Eventually, Michael and Jennifer got their toughest jobs yet with the arrival of children.  They now have three adorable kids (and counting!) with the youngest still learning to talk.  The powerful love for your child is like no other and they worked to provide the very best for them.  Frequent vacations were replaced by dirty diapers (cloth diapers too!), constant breastfeeding and sleepless nights.  They made organic baby food and even ground their own wheat for baking healthier sourdough bread.  The kids were stimulated with an abundance of toys and fun classes.  They have more clothes than Mommy and Daddy, but it's still hard to resist getting that new pair of baby shoes or shirt that looks just so cute on them.  


Jennifer and Michael's babies were afflicted by common skin ailments such as rashes and eczema.  Unsatisfied with most baby products and with over a decade of experience making personal care goods, Jennifer created her own line of products for her babies using luxurious natural and organic ingredients.  The goodies Jennifer created were effective and delicious smelling. Jennifer and Michael felt these products should be shared with other parents, hence Crèche Organics was born.


We are a small USA family business and we use USA suppliers.


Cheeky Cherub™

Soothing Spray Salve 

2.6 fl oz / 77 mL

Convenient all natural and organic diaper spray salve. For daily use in soothing mild rashes and skin irritations. Wonderful skin emollient while providing a protective moisture barrier.


Hygienic, patent-pending hands free application of a rich and luxurious blend of organic and natural oils.

Sumptuous and nutritious natural ingredients with Organic Argan Oil (this main ingredient is exquisite for skin).

So safe, every single ingredient is from edible plants. Each batch tested in an independent lab.

Vegan, preservative free, no parabens, no cheap fillers, only premium ingredients. Cloth diaper safe.  No animal testing.

Rose-y Cheeks™ Cleansing Mist 

4 fl oz / 118 mL


Convenient cleansing mist for the diaper area made with Natural and Organic ingredients.  For daily use in cleaning the diaper area during changes.


Hygienic misting spray application of a rich and luxurious blend of organic flower hydrosols with a gentle natural cleansing agent.


Each batch tested in an independent lab.


Aromatic natural ingredients including Rose, Chamomile, Calendula and Witch Hazel hydrosols.


Vegan, no parabens, no cheap fillers, only premium ingredients.  No animal testing.



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